Lazy Recruiting: Linked Article

Why your recruiting is just plain…….. LAZY.

Troy Hammond hits a nail on the head in the above article (and includes great illustrations that puts my usual Google Image search to shame.)

Post and Pray is dead horse that continues to be flogged.

It would seem that this is mostly for a combination of reasons:

  • It’s what we have always done, and is what we will always do.
  • Our Recruitment Database is an unsearchable cluttered mess.
  • We don’t have a different sourcing strategy.
  • We wouldn’t know where to begin.

To Remedy:

  • Constant reassessing and reviewing systems and process should be a key part of the way your business operates.
  • Just having the right technology is not enough. It needs to be actively used, updated and reviewed. (Articles on Candidate Databases here and here)
  • Adapting, advancing, up-skilling go hand and hand with the changing world.

A great strategy, coupled with and backed up by the right mix of staff aptitude and technology can and will only a create a greater, more satisfied and satisfying recruitment function for staff, the organisation and most importantly candidates.


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