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Within this posting is the entirety of my interactions with one Mr Kanye West.

This blog post is an appeal for you to do more than Kanye.

Like a child waiting by the letterbox for the comic book ordered x-ray specs to arrive – Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality.

Originally posted on hrtechgirl:
Are you at the crossroads in your career or education wondering whether to consider Human Resources (commonly referred to as HR) as your first or next career? Have you wondered what working in or studying HR would be like in this and next generation? In this three part series, you will…

After weeks of waiting, I found that the strange men in hanging around a chorus van had managed something more than giving something my dog to bark at (besides the mail man).

UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband) had finally arrived. All I needed was a plan to take advantage of it.

HR teams should spend more time on…leading by example and less time writing another pointless policy.
Today I share a few facepalm moments in the creation of HR policy and process I have encountered. Share yours.

Why are HRIS Staff (Human Resources Information Systems) Important? Some navel gazing as to where this business function sits and what use I actually am.